Testing and Tagging

Sparx will carry out your electrical compliance requirements to keep your workplace safe and within the strict requirements of occupational health and safety regulations and the australian standard.

Safety Switch Testing

Have your safety switches tested to the Australian standard to ensure fast isolation of power at a critical moment.  This involves timed testing at 0 and 180 degrees of the sine wave in milliseconds.  A full report with all test results is emailed and any faulty circuit breakers are replaced after a quote supplied.

Minimising Your Costs: Test and Tag

Efficiency is the key to providing a cost effective solution to maintaining your electrical equipment as required by the Occupational Health & Safety Requlations.

At Sparx we will do our best to reduce your costs by asking you to remove any obsolete or unserviceable equipment from your premises before we arrive. Regulation states that if it is on the premises, it must be tested & tagged.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

Report Data

All Sparx data is exported to a central database and backed up. Should you lose your PDF report just Call or Email Us and we will Email you a new copy.

Upon completion of your job, Sparx will email a “PDF Format” Test Report file. Sparx maintain a green office and do not supply a paper copy. The file can be viewed on any computer with a PDF reader. 

However, if you should misplace your report you can simply call orr email and we can have a copy to you within minutes.

SparX Sequence of Services

  1. Regularly test all equipment in accordance with Australian Standard AS/NZS3760.
  2. Correctly test & tag all equipment with plastic labels.
  3. Report any faults to your Facilities Manager.
  4. Arrange to repair damaged electrical fittings, if requested. 
  5. All test results are recorded and uploaded to our secure server.
  6. Email out full test results in a PDF Format file.