Elisabeth Murdoch College

Ciro Ferra - Assistant Principal

I would like to thank you for your professional and thorough work that you (Sparx) carried out during the holidays. We now realise how unprofessional the previous contractor was that did the work at our college. With 83 items that failed to meet the Australian standard it is obvious that many items were missed and not checked properly including several items that were wired backwards. This not only puts our staff and students at risk it also leaves us open for litigation as the job was done to a poor standard. It's also good to see that the failed items copper cable is going towards charity and not the skip and on to land fill. Your report is very easy to audit and all the information that I need is all there on page 1. Also thank you for all the repairs you did for us which minimised down time and reduced the cost for the repairs significantly. We look forward to you keeping our school to a high standard in electrical safety.